Q: - Is this a one off fee, not extra's just the price shown for unlimited number of emails
A: - Correct- just the fee shown - as many times as you want over 6 months!

Q: - How are the animations sent?

A: - We supply you a link, you send the ecard using your own email

Q: - Does your organization send the chosen e-card to my contacts list or do we have to do it ourselves?
A: - You send yourselves

Q: - Is the link active for many recipients? How many times can I use it?

A: - Yes it is live for for 6 months- regardless of the number of times you send it.

Q: - Do you provide any statistic services to monitor if the card was viewed by the recipient?

A: - No

Q: - Do I understand correctly that the price $30-75 is per one card that I can use as many times as I want?

A: - Yes

Q: - If this is a case would that be correct that the donation equal €3 on €30 card?

A: - Correct

Q: - Are there any additional costs for customizing the card or any sending costs?
A: - No

Q: - What size and format should the logo be?
A: - Under 1mb preferably- under 500k is best .jpg .gif .png

Q: - I have the logo but I don’t know the size?
A: - Right click the file and select properties, or display the file in a list view from the folder it is in.

Q: - How do I change the format or make the file smaller?
A: - You need to open the file in a program which allows you to resave it, Photoshop or iphoto for example.

Q: - The logo is the same colour and the background animation so can't be seen.
A: - Create a white space for the logo to site on by changing the document size, change the color of the logo or select another animation.

Q: - Part of our logo are transparent, we need to show this.
A: - The system will accept transparent logos, you need to crop around the file before importing. 

Q: - When I click "upload logo" a box appears, and the logo is not there?
A: - You need to browse or navigate to where you have saved the logo. Put it in a obvious place like on your desktop in a folder called "logo".

Q: - Can I use a photo?
A: - Sure, lots of individuals use the site. Keep it clean!

Q: - The text I have put in does not fit.
A: - The personal message is the same as the standard text inside a card, if you want to write more put it in the body of the email.

Q: - How so I send group emails
A: - Just copy the email address to the to or cc or bcc field with a semi “ ; “ or send your address book in the normal way. Your email software should explain more. Write your message and copy the link (often colored blue) that we send to you.

Q: - Won’t most of my clients ignore this business e card because they will think it is spam or a virus?
A: - No- The business e card email is coming from you, a trusted source. The link is virus free. It will have the same sort of pick up that you would expect if you send a funny web circular around, some people will have time to enjoy the business e-card and some will not. Perhaps more people than if you actually sent a card to an office and it did not get past the receptionist!

Q: - What advertising is there on the business ecard, you know like insurance and cheap flights?
A: - Our business ecards have none, nothing- just your logo.

Q: - I've paid and the link has not come through!
A: - We have the link is our data base so don’t worry. You may have input a wrong email address or it could be in your junk folder. Check there. Else email support@charityecartds4buisness.co.uk

Q: - Can the logo be placed else where
A: - No, unless you order a customized design

Q: - Do I have to send this today
A: - No the link is valid for 6 months

Q: - What if the person who gets the link is off until the New Year?
A: - The link is valid for 6 months.

Q: - My clients cant hear the sound.
A: - You will need to turn the sound on or up on you computer, or have a sound function in the first place

Q: - I have left the site and now cant find my logo.
A: - You will need to start again, if you have already paid then contact support@charityecartds4buisness.co.uk and we will email to you the link.

Q: - My animation freezes, jumps
A: - Some are heavier than others, the simpler ones run more smoothly because they are smaller. Just like any animation on a computer (eg youtube) there can be issues caused by a number of factors, often local to your machine or internet connection. Often they will run better on new machines or the second time played.

Q: - Can I swap my animation after I have purchased it?
A: - If you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will be happy for you to swap, please contact support@charityecartds4buisness.co.uk