charityecards4business Giving Policy


Q.1 Can I give more?
If you wish to make an additional donation then forward a payment via us made out to the charity of your
choice, and we will produce a separate certificate proving you have made this donation. There is no fee for
this service. A cheque is easiest as we will pass this on as the same. If payment by credit card is preferred a
charge of 5% will be applied for normal banking charges.

Q.2 Where does the other money from the sale of the animations go?
The animations cost up to $4000 each so the majority goes to the artists and animators. 123easy ltd is a
business so has the usual other business costs too.

Q.3 Is linked to charities?
No we are independent and we prefer to stay that way. It means we can be free to express a spirit of
Christmas which best reflects the market and not be tied to each individual charity’s agenda. We will rotate
our causes in line with client feedback. This is why we do not post logos on the site.

Q.4 When will the donations be transferred and can you prove it?
At the end of the Christmas season we will publish a giving statement which will be audited then posted on
the site by an independent authority. The charities, where possible, also acknowledge receipt and these will
be posted also. You can also verify this directly with the charity and we will be happy to assist you by giving
you the relevant contact names and details.

Q.5 Who gets the donation?
Equally for 2008
Save the Children
Water aid
Cancer Research UK
World Wildlife Fund
American Cancer Society

Q.6 Does deduct any admin fees from the donation
No, in fact the money is held in an interest bearing account and even the interest is donated.

Q.7 When I buy an animation how much money goes back to that charity?
In order to keep it simple we give in excess of 10% (exclusive of local taxes) of the invoice total.